Shoalstone Swimming Pool

Shoalstone Swimming Pool

Shoalstone pool is built into a natural rock pool that in Victorian times was popular for bathing. As a salt water pool, there is an abundant supply of water, however in 1896 two walls were built to retain the tidal water that flooded in.

Thirty years later after the First World War and in 1926, the pool took on its current design and had a lot of rock removed to make it deeper and add a shallow end and deep end, with a gently sloping bottom.

Looking from the pool many large houses and properties can be seen on Berry Head Road.  In the Second World War the Pool was closed and many of the houses and hotels were taken over by  Americans took  and used as field hospitals. 

 In 1946, with the end of the war, the pool was re-opened and used for may years by holidaymakers and locals alike. Shut throughout the winter the pool was opened each season by a local lady, Minnie Bowman, who jumped off the diving board wrapped in a Union Flag! 

In early 1979 a severe storm badly damaged the pool and its concrete structure. The council considered closure but the local popularity shone through again and it was repaired and kept open. The pool when repaired had a new wall on the seaward side built to protect it further.

In 2004 Torbay Council could no longer afford to support the pool.  A public meeting was convened and a decision taken to create a working party to look at keeping the pool open. This subsequently became "The Friends of Shoalstone Pool" who work with the council to maintain the pool. Well done everybody!

The pool is a local attraction and much loved. We have take some photos below from the summer of 2013!

 Shoalstone Pool

 Outdoor Pool Brixham

 Enjoying the sun at Shoalstone


Canoeists from the Pool

  • Approach to pool

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